Gdansk in comparison to other European destinations


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Gdansk is one of the most popular conference destination in Poland, together with Warsaw and Cracow. It also becomes more and more recognized congress destination in Europe.

According to statistic surveys run by Gdansk Convention Bureau (GCB), Gdansk&Region held over 5,000 business meetings (conferences, congresses, workshops, incentive) in 2012. It ranks Gdansk 3rd in Poland (after Warsaw and Cracow). It is a very good position especially when the economic crisis makes association and corporate budgets lower than in 2011.

Since 2007 Gdansk Convention Bureau is a member of ICCA (International Congress & Convention Association) – the biggest in the world association gathering more than 900 companies from meetings industry. That has a big influence on how Gdansk is perceived as conference destination.

Gdansk comparing to other European destinations

Being member of ICCA brings Gdansk many benefits, like possibility to participate in international conferences and congresses where convention bureau can promote city. Membership also gives access to ICCA database with information about more than 20 000 associations' meetings. The database allow GCB/GTO to compare city to other destinations.

So how Gdansk look like in comparison to other, European conference destinations? Using ICCA comparison report Gdansk Convention Bureau/GTO compare Gdansk to: Stuttgart (Germany), Birmingham (Great Britain), Marseille (France) and Trondheim (Norway). All them are secondary cities (non capitals). Comparison includes only association events in 2012.
– Most of the cities noted less conferences in 2012 or stayed at the same level comparing to 2011.

– More than 80% of the associations which organized conferences in mentioned cities have their head offices in Europe

– Most of the events held in Gdansk, Birmingham and Trondheim gathered between 50 and 249 delegates (in Marseille and Stuttgart the majority were bigger events- over 3,000).

– That is why there are significant differences between average number of delegates in each destination: Gdansk 482, Birmingham 909, Trondheim 283, Stuttgart 1,244, Marseille 2,020

– The most popular month in organizing events was September

– Events organized in Gdansk last average 3,7 day, Marseille 4,1, Birmingham 3,5, Trondheim 3,5 and Stuttgart 3,4 day.

Gdansk without complexes

Raising number hotel and conference venues, very good accessibility, variety of Professional Congress Organizers (PCO) and convention bureau activities – all these influence Gdansk's better recognition as a conference destination. Gdansk should not have any complexes when being compared to other European cities – the city has much to offer to business tourists.

Source = Gdansk Convention Bureau
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