Flyers still waiting after NY flights restart

New York’s top three airports are back in action but passengers stranded since last week can expect further delays.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and airline ticketing policy has arranged the backlog of flights such that some passengers waiting at the airport since last week will be waiting a little longer, Mailonline reported.

The new source said pilots will have to submit flight plans to the FAA as they are ready for departure, then the aircraft will then enter the queue after pilots obtain a taxi rights from traffic controllers.

Once planes are ready, the first to fly will not be those who have been waiting since late last week, the source reported.

Spare seats on resumed flights will be offered to stranded passengers but frequent flyers and first-class passengers will receive priority over economy travellers.  

The blizzard grounded other airports down the East Coast including airports in Boston and Philadelphia.

Passengers on board a Cathay Pacific flight from Vancouver to NYC were forced to sit inside the aircraft for up to 12 hours while airport officials cleared to tarmac.

“We don’t ever want this to happen again,” Passenger on board the flight Mr Whitcomb said.

“We have to go back and see exactly what happened – were there signals we should have seen? Should we take a different course of action next time?”

Mr Whitcomb added that while the airline apologised for the delay, it would not make up for time lost on the tarmac.



Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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