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The Beluga School for Life Charity Travel arrange culturally sensitive holidays to the Beluga School for Life near Khao Lak in Thailand, a children’s aid project which was established after the Tsunami catastrophe in 2004 by the German heavy cargo shipping company Beluga Shipping.

100 % of the proceeds benefit the children’s aid project with the same name.Tourism is the main source of income for the aid project and secures its financial independence and security. The Beluga School for Life was originally founded for Tsunami orphans and people in need but has meanwhile grown into a small village community with a nursery and a school. Around 150 children from socially disadvantaged families have found a new home here and live in family-like situations together with around 90 adults. In the various learning facilities of the Beluga School for Life they can pursue their sporting, scientific or technical interests as well as their exploratory urge. The most important goal of the privately funded aid project is to create long-term sustainable structures with the purpose of offering the children a future rich in perspective.

Donations and sponsorships also continuously help further develop the Beluga School for Life. The new school building which now houses years 1 to 12 has just been finished. The official opening took place on 27.11.2010 and even the State Secretary of the Thai Royal House attended. Subsequently to their school education, the youths of the region and the graduates of the Beluga School for Life can do a one year apprenticeship in the hotel business directly on site in order to not only responsibly design their own future but also the most important economic sector in South Thailand.

With the guest area, we strive for a sustainable form of tourism which is ethically and socially fair, culturally adapted and ecologically acceptable, as well as being economically sensible and efficient.

We would like to invite you to get to know our exceptional project yourself! Design your holiday at the Beluga School for Life according to your own wishes or take part in one of the organised adventure tours. The adventure tours are divided into four categories so you can find the ideal holiday quickly and easily.

Sports & Wellness
In the category “Sports & Wellness”, travellers who like to be active and also relax are sure to get their money’s worth. Besides an introduction to the project, various day trips are offered which offer you the opportunity to dive into the everyday lives of the residents if the Beluga School for Life together with them, or to discover multi-faceted Southern Thailand. Get a first glimpse of the children’s creative school projects or discover nature on our jungle tour. Our Body & Soul area takes care of relaxation and recreation.

Art & Indulgence

Lovers of Thai cuisine or Asian arts will find the right offer in “Art & Indulgence”. Be initiated into the secrets of the Thai art of cooking. Prepare delicious soups, crispy entrees and tasty main courses and learn about the finesse of Thai herbs and spices.  The ingredients used are mainly home-grown organic fruit and vegetables as well as produce from organic animal breeding at the Beluga School for Life. During a visit to a market you are introduced to exotic and mysterious spices and smells as well as getting to try some delicious food.

Nature & Culture
For adventurers we recommend the adventure tour “Nature & Culture” in which the breathtaking landscape around the Beluga School for Life is discovered. Find out interesting information about alternative medicine and herbology at the Organic Farming area and dive into the secrets of the Khao Sok National Park. Go on a discovery tour with the children of the school project “Be a little guide” – here the “little guides“call the shots. On the Day of Knowledge, exciting encounters await you when elderly Thai people share their wisdom with the students of the Beluga School for Life and you.

Land & Folk
Those who wish to experience Thailand up-close and personal and dive into the everyday lives of the people will find their tour in “Land & Folk”. During the basic culture course on Thailand’s Dos and Don’ts you will find out more about the land and folk as well as customs and traditions. Discover the village Na Nai where the Beluga School for Life is located and where its residents live. During a visit to a Temple in the surrounding jungle you find out about the history of Buddhism and have the opportunity to meditate with the monks.

Source = Beluga School
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