Music pumps up UK tourism

Music tourism is leaping by the millions in the UK, attracting up to 7.7 million visitors and injecting £1.4 billion in the economy last year.

According to industry leaders, UK Music chief executive Feargal Sharkey, summer festivals and concerts are turning the UK into a “hot destination” and the government should focus its efforts on developing the sector, The Guardian reported.

"If music isn’t put at the heart of this then everybody is really missing a trick," Mr Sharkey said.
"Because this extraordinary little thing called music, which we are so good at, is bringing people to this country."

Despite seeing a 6.7 percent drop in music tourism last year, a report released by UK Music, Destination Music, found the sector made up five percent of overall inbound travellers, and was responsible for contributing up to 18 percent in spending.

The report also noted that music has helped gain attention to lesser travel focused venues, such as the Salford Lads Club in Manchester which was used by The Smiths during the making of the album, The Queen is Dead.

"For music fans, going to the Salford Lads Club might be just as important as a visit to Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge,” Mr Sharkey added.

The report predicted that music tourism would attract up to £864 million in spending and provide 19,700 full-time jobs.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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