Scale back tourism in Venice, say ecologists

Ecologists are warning of the death of Venice

Venice is under threat from mass tourism, a leading Italian conservation group has warned.

According to AFP, Italia Nostra says that rampant aquatic transport, caused by the influx of visitors to the city, is slowly eroding its waterways, gradually turning the famous Venetian lagoon into a bay.    

The NGO’s head, Alessandra Mottola Molfino, said the current daily average of 60,000 visitors was “too high for such a fragile city”.

“Venice is really under threat,” Mr Mottola Molfino remarked.

With the city’s delicate ecosystem under threat, Italia Nostra has recommended a move to drastically cut the number of tour groups to the city, even if the reduction “momentarily leads to a drop in trade flows".

The environmental group has also suggested the city concentrate on ecotourism rather than on mass tourism alone.

Meanwhile, plans by Venetian authorities to build a nearby city, complete with offices, a casino, warehouses and a high-speed rail link, have been slammed by Italia Nostra.

“We must find a balance between immediate needs and the future to ensure sustainable development,” Mr Mottola Molfino said.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: M.H
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