Discover guests un-affected by tragic Oslo attack

On Friday 22nd July, Norway’s city of Oslo was struck by a devastating attack by a sole extremist. In difficult times such as this, our hearts and minds go out to all those who have felt the force this tragic occurrence.

“These were sad and shocking events that unfolded in Olso,” says Country Director of Discover the World Marketing, Birgit Eisbrenner. “Our thoughts are with all those who have been impacted by this unfortunate happening.”

Discover the World Marketing would like to announce that all of our guests are safe.

Innovation Norway has stated that over the weekend, Oslo has indeed been pronounced secure and that appropriate security measures have been implemented:

“Oslo’s Police Commissioner declared the city safe at the weekend. People can move around the city freely, apart from in some of the areas around the Government buildings which are still closed off…. In order to put people at ease, there is however an increased security presence in the city centre. The police have also increased security at all borders, and travellers should expect passport and ID checks to take longer than usual. All travellers will have to show valid passports or EU Identification cards.”

It has also been made known that all air traffic, ferry and rail services are running as normal and that most roads in the city remain open.

For more information, please contact Discover the World Marketing: 02 9959 3696

Source = Discover the World Marketing
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