In Sydney’s Little Italy

Is this the biggest Italian Film Festival in the world, outside Italy?

And the 15th of September the colourful and highly anticipated Italian Film Festival is on again!

My favourites include the laugh-out-loud Opening Night film Welcome to the South (Benvenuti al sud) an hilarious rivalry between one part of a country and another, in Italy’s case, the north versus the south.

This is  the story of Alberto – a man so set on providing for his highly neurotic wife Sylvia and their 8 year old son that he fakes being in a wheelchair to get the highly coveted transfer to Milan. But his plan goes horribly wrong when he stands to say goodbye to the Inspector.

So then he gets the bad news. Is he fired? No. Worse… What could be worse? he asks… and he is told. He is being transferred… to the South. THE HORROR!!!

Of course, when Alberto arrives he realises how much of his pre-conceived ideas are actually wrong and as he encounters the people of his new home, the cultural and linguistic clashes make for cinematic gold. One scene had me crying with laughter.

"Sorry," he says Alberto to the police officer, "I’m going to the south."
"Oh," the police officer says sympathetically. "I have a brother in Kosovo, I understand."

The comedy is genius  and the plot is clever and honest. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages and would recommend it to everyone; in fact you don’t need to be Italian, or even speak Italian, to love this movie.
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