New Bronze Tier Brings More Benefits to the British Airways Executive Club

British Airways is re-launching its award winning Executive Club for frequent fliers with a brand new ‘Bronze’ card tier.

The new Bronze tier will bridge the gap between Blue and Silver tiers. Blue card holders will need just half the Silver threshold level to be promoted to Bronze.

New Bronze card members will benefit from:

  • Business class check-in
  • Seat selection at seven days before departure
  • Earning a 25 per cent tier bonus – that’s 1.25 Avios for every mile flown
  • Dedicated telephone number (UK & US)
  • Bronze tier luggage tags

Frank van der Post, British Airways’ managing director for brands and customer experience, said: “Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We attach huge importance to their loyalty.

“The re-launch of the British Airways Executive Club, which now has over seven million members worldwide, is part of a massive £5bn investment we are making across the whole airline on new aircraft, lounges, and technologies for our customers.

“The investment in the Executive Club will result in a greater range of rewards and increased recognition for members, with an exciting new Bronze tier, which will bring a new level of benefits to more of our frequent fliers.”

Customers can join British Airways’ Executive Club for free. They then earn Avios, the airline’s new currency for frequent fliers, according to how often they fly, how far and the type of ticket held.

Currently, members start as Blue card holders and can qualify for a Silver card after collecting 600 tier points, including four British Airways flights and move up to a Gold card after achieving 1,500 tier points, including four British Airways flights.

The new Bronze card will be awarded to members who achieve 300 tier points or 25 single flights – half the number needed to achieve Silver card status. Blue card members who have already collected 300 tier points or more, can expect to receive their new Bronze card from November 16.

Customers in the new Bronze tier will receive a 25 per cent bonus on all Avios earned.

All Executive Club customers will now be able to collect as many tier points as they can in any one membership year, rather than start again when they’ve reached the next tier level.

A new brand identity has also been developed for the Club to create a greater sense of membership for members, including a new look for customers’ cards.

The redesign is intended to broaden the Executive Club’s appeal, to attract new members and give a stronger brand identity. Blue card holders will also get a choice of card designs when the Club re-launches next month.

The Executive Club re-launch follows the recent introduction of the new reward currency, Avios. Customers can now earn Avios through flying and collecting across a wide range of non-airline partners, such as using the British Airways American Express co-branded credit card. They will be able to spend Avios on flights, upgrades or hotels and car hire.

Under the new Avios currency BA Executive Club members can also realise real savings on some shorthaul destinations as they will now only pay the Avios fare and £27 per person return for economy flights to destinations such as Paris, Madrid, Athens and Moscow.

Ian Romanis, British Airways’ head of customer engagement, said: “We want our loyal customers to feel even greater recognition and enjoy the rewards they would associate with belonging to a club. That ethos is at the heart of the re-launch. We don’t want them just to join the Executive Club. We want them to feel they belong to it.”

Source = British Airways
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