Agents are “Oot and Aboot” in BC

Entire group in Vancouver

Tourism British Columbia, in partnership with Air Canada and the Canadian Tourism Commission, sent 60 travel agents from across Australia on the Oot and Aboot Super Fam to British Columbia, Canada last month.    Agents flew Air Canada’s non- stop daily service to Vancouver and travelled in groups of 10 on 6 different itineraries around different parts of British Columbia. The agents, joined up in Vancouver on the last day to showcase what they had learnt about BC.  Fams included: “Explore the North”, “Jewels of the West”, “Wildlife Encounters”, “Adventurous BC”, “Culinary Delights” and “Coastal and Mountains”.

Explore the North Left to Right: Tanya Edwards (Flight Centre), Ronald (VIA Rail), Sue Spencer (Flight Centre), Darren Christensen (Travel Managers), Rachael Rolfe (Harvey World), Karen Christie (Travel Managers), Kelley Jones (Escape Travel), Debra Hitchcock (Travelworld), Lauren Wall (Seven Oceans), Karin Tunbridge (Destination Canada), Pete Anderson (Global Travel).

Wildlife Encounters (Left to right: Front row: Julie Revett (BYOkids), Joe Procel (Flight Centre).  Back row: Joanna Hare (Adventure World), Sarah Isemonger (Harveys Choice), Milica Emery (Harvey World), Melissa Demetriadis (Flight Centre), Renee Williams (Travel Managers), Julie Smith (Travel Managers), Sharon Seddon (Harvey World), Claire O’Brien (Alaska Bound).

Wildlife Encounters (Left to right: Joe Procel (Flight Centre), Sarah Isemonger (Harveys Choice), Julie Revett (BYOkids), Joanna Hare (Adventure World), Melissa Demetriadis (Flight Centre), Renee Williams (Travel Managers), Milica Emery (Harvey World),  Sharon Seddon (Harvey World), Claire O’Brien (Alaska Bound).


Source = Air Canada
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