Brits plan Olympic getaway

While the major sporting event will draw in thousands of tourists in the UK this year, locals are planning to rent out their home and jet-off to the Mediterranean.

A survey compiled by Owners Direct found that, 50 percent of Brits questioned said they had or were planning to rent out their home for the Olympics so they can escape on a break to the sunny region.

 According to the company, more men said they were eager to rent out their home and getaway during the period compared to women who said they would prefer to bunk with their besties.

Of those who have packed up their clothes and put the for rent sign up on their property, the majority are between the ages of 35-54.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in demand for properties in the London area and our advice for people considering renting out a holiday property or even their own home would be to ensure that you make it clear to prospective tenants what you are offering within the price – are you providing linen and towels, a welcome pack or any other added extras?” Owners Direct marketing manager Angela Southall said. .  

“Before renting your London property, make sure that you have the relevant insurance required and check that your local council allows short term letting.

“Once you receive a booking always confirm the booking with a written contract.”
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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