The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York Introduces Taj Royal Attaché Services

The next level of luxury is now available at the iconic New York hotel, The Pierre, A Taj Hotel with the Taj Royal Attaché services. The Taj Royal Attaché collaborates with guests to create a highly memorable experience.

The Pierre, A Taj Hotel on New York’s Central Park, has introduced new Taj Royal Attaché services just for guests staying in the hotel’s 11 Grand Suites; luxurious accommodations with gracious living and entertaining spaces. Three Taj Royal Attaché’s have been invited from Taj properties in Mumbai to Manhattan to deliver the authentic and long-lasting experience to guests at The Pierre. The palace inspired butler services have been introduced to the iconic New York hotel as a way to connect with Taj’s celebrated Indian heritage.

The Royal Treatment’s include imperial baths which natural healing properties cleanse and refresh the body. Guests may request a Royal Bath from a menu designed to relax, revive, detox or indulge. The Taj Royal Attaché will assemble organic, botanical potions, scrubs, creams and oils that combine to achieve the desired effect, and then draw the perfect bath in the guest’s Grand Suite deep soaking tub.

Other services included are: arranged airport transfers, stocking of the guests kitchen with desired beverages and snacks, a selection of preferred newspapers, books, magazines, music and movies available in the guests living room and preferred flowers, bedding and pillows are included for the travellers comfort. Guests’ belongings also receive the royal treatment. Packing services ensure that all luggage is packed with exquisite care, with all clothing perfectly folded and carefully wrapped in logo tissue paper.

The Taj Royal Attaché collaborates with guests to create a highly memorable celebration, marking special occasions perfectly with a custom Royal Dining menu created by The Pierre, A Taj Hotel’s Executive Chef Ashfer Biju.

Source = Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces
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