Through Eternity Private Rome: An Inside Track On The Eternal City

You'll lose your mind trying to visit The Vatican Museums on your own
Through Eternity gives its clients access to resticted areas of the Coliseum
See the Coliseum from a new angle with an expert guide

Don't even think of visiting Rome's top attractions without being part of a tour. The city lives up to its nickname as The Eternal City not only with a history going back thousands of years but also with interminable queues for those casual visitors who rock up to the major attractions without a reservation. Even among organised tours, though, there is a hierarchy, and Through Eternity sits atop the pile as the easiest, fastest, most informative, and most personalised company. Even groups with reservations need to wait in a queue (separate from the one for the general public), but participants of Through Eternity's tours breeze past the others with priority entrance, even giving the chance to visit before normal opening hours which, in the case of the Vatican Museums, means reaching the Sistine Chapel and appreciating its beauty in relative calm before the hordes arrive an hour later. Likewise, on the detailed visit to the Coliseum, private access to restricted areas leaves the crowds behind as Through Eternity ushers its small groups (maximum 15 people) to areas all to themselves, including high above other visitors down in the crowd. That magnificent view of the Coliseum enjoyed by Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday? Not seen by the general public, but part of a visit with Through Eternity.

The company's clear and efficient tour calendars for group tours and semi-private tours is easy to read and understand. Founded by two worldly and urbane entrepreneurs who approach their business with a different strategy than other tour companies, Through Eternity sees to it that its clients enjoy the resulting business plan to offer them a travel experience with one eye on high quality and the other on exceptional results.

Through Eternity
tel: +39 06 700 9336

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