Through Eternity Pompeii And Amalfi: Italy’s Most Spectacular Sights With A Private Guide

Hotel Caruso's gorgeous swimming pool is a perfect way to end a day touring Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast
A personal tour of Naples' superb Archaeological Museum is excellent preparation for a visit to Pompeii
another beautiful day in Pompeii

Travellers who visit Pompeii with a guide from Rome-based tour company Through Eternity are in for a treat. Knowledgeable guides with extensive background in their specific fields of expertise provide a wealth of information, enhancing the visitor's experience immeasurably with their insight. The extensive archaeological site covers 67 hectares, 44 of which have been excavated to reveal the vestiges of a thriving city. The standard running commentary provided by tour guides in general can be intrusive rather than insightful when trying to take in the scene in a limited time, but Through Eternity's professionals evaluate each client's needs individually and adjust their guiding style according to the client's level of knowledge, level of interest, or level of hangover from the previous night's investigation into the world of prosecco and limoncello.

Touring with a private guide is akin to travelling in Business or First Class; once at the front of the plane, it is hard to go back to Economy, and so it is usually with guiding experiences. An ordinary public tour seems rather plain in comparison once the pleasure of private or semi-private custom tours has been enjoyed. Good thing, then that Through Eternity's so-called public tours are anything but ordinary. Even on the company's most basic option, clients are able to enjoy privileged access to the top sights in Italy, saving many hours of hassle, waiting, and heat exhaustion in high summer when the most popular attractions have queues demanding several hours' endurance.

If the client prefers, Through Eternity can precede a visit to Pompeii with a visit to the magnificent Archaeological Museum in Naples, where many of the most valuable original works of art uncovered in Pompeii are now found in Italy's (and Europe's) largest antiquities museum. The splendid collection of marble statues is complemented by superb mosaics as well as artefacts of everyday life revealing the advanced civilisation that resided in Pompeii and gives a clearer understanding of the archaeological site and its significance.

Pompeii is only one hour's drive from the amazingly beautiful Peninsula of Sorrento, whose southern coastline is famous throughout the world as the Amalfi Coast. Along with the natural beauty of the steep mountains plunging into the sea is the Emerald Grotto, one of several caves along the coast, this one with a sparkling lake that shimmers like a million emeralds with the slightest splash. A tour of the Amalfi Coast with Through Eternity can begin and finish wherever the client wants, including a fitting conclusion at the beautiful Hotel Caruso Belvedere in the charming town of Ravello, which sits nearly more than 300 metres above the coast-a stunning setting for an extraordinary property whose fantabulous pool at the edge of a cliff at the highest point on the entire coastline (see it here and also on the link above) makes a wonderful place to relax after a full day of memorable excitement.

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