Flight Review: Lufthansa LH 1811 – Barcelona to Munich


Lufthansa A321

Flight Number

LH 1811 departing 12:05 – 28 June 2012


1 hour 45 minutes


Economy, Seat 29F


3-3 in economy class

Check In & Luggage

The self service kiosks for Lufthansa at Barcelona Airport have been positioned to the right of the bag check in counters, making accessing them, or even finding them, extremely difficult when the lines were as long as they were.

Only four kiosks were operational and all four were blocked by people waiting to check in their baggage.

The kiosks seemed to be having issues processing passengers, but a very friendly staff member assisted me in changing my seat allocation from an aisle to a window.

45 minutes may have been spent in the queue, but I am pleased to report that my luggage was checked in without additional payment again, considering it was sitting at 29 kilograms instead of the approved 23 kilograms.

Barcelona Airport has been completely refurbished in recent years and now offers a plethora of stores and dining options for travellers.

Whilst I may not have known how to fit anything more in my bag, I did participate in some last minute souvenir shopping and just had to make my first-ever purchases from the cult store Zara before boarding my flight!

On Time Service

The flight departed 40 minutes late and arrived in Munich at 14:30. I spent the flight trying to work out whether this would allow me enough time to not only make my connecting flight to Rome which commenced boarding at 14:30, but also whether my luggage would make it.

I could only cross fingers and hope for the best!

Cabin/Seat Condition

The seats were comfortable and identical to the four other flights I have taken with Lufthansa this month. 

Food & Beverage

Having raved about the food aboard my previous Lufthansa flights this month, I purposely didn’t buy lunch before boarding as I expected that a meal would, once again, await me on board.

Unfortunately, the only thing served on this flight was a not so delectable croissant ahead of the complimentary beverage service.


Once again, there were no entertainment options on this aircraft apart from their inflight magazine and a variety of newspapers that were available for collection prior to boarding.


The flight attendant who served me my croissant seemed a tad flustered and wasn’t as amiable as the others on board the flight.

Perhaps the time delay had caused him grief but, it was the first time I have ever encountered someone who wasn’t perfectly courteous and friendly on Lufthansa.

His colleagues made up for it by being professional and beaming smiles for the flight to Munich however.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.A
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