Lufthansa Flight 418 Frankfurt to Washington-Dulles

  a rose for every seat in First Class
  Christmas goose
  Lufthansa First Class Terminal breakfast menu
  Lufthansa’s dedicated First Class Terminal at FRA

19 December 2012

Carrier:  Lufthansa

Flight Number: LH 418 departing FRA @ 12:40

Duration: 8:00

Class:  First

Aircraft: Boeing 747-8  

Check-in experience:
Lufthansa’s First Class passengers departing from Frankfurt Airport do not just have their own counters for check-in, they have their own terminal.  The Lufthansa First Class Terminal is located in a separate building with direct access to the aircraft.  A personal assistant greets each passenger on arrival at the terminal and serves as an escort through the check-in and security procedures which are performed immediately upon arrival.  Passengers relax and enjoy the terminal’s offerings, which include a full-service restaurant, a cigar lounge, and several rest areas.  Come time for departure, a private Immigration station for First Class expedites the process to mere seconds, then travellers are taken by car to the departure gate and escorted directly to the aircraft door.

On-time performance: 
The flight left on time and arrived 15 minutes early.

Seat/Cabin conditions:
This 747-8 is a brand-new addition to the Lufthansa fleet.  The leather seats still smelled new.  Everything was immaculate and in perfect working order.  The new Lufthansa First Class seat, like its new Business Class seat, is a state of the art creation for perfect comfort for the duration of the flight.  The large ottoman storage compartment is great for keeping the large personal space around the seat tidy.

Food And Beverage:
An exceptional menu created by top German chef Joachim Wissler of Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg‘s much vaunted Vendôme restaurant offered a superb array of appetisers, main courses, and desserts.  This is normal in First Class, of course, but there was a noticeable thoughtfulness in the selection of dishes such as the free-range goose prepared with Christmas in mind.  Outstanding wines accompanied the meal and were a fine follow-up to the champagne offered upon arrival in the cabin.

The two flight attendants were busy as the First Class cabin was full and passengers included a child who demanded more attention than any adult.  Much to the credit of the crew, they were exceptionally obliging in their manner.

Lufthansa’s excellent mediaworld entertainment system provided hours of film, television, and other options for passing the time. 

In contrast to the movie-star send-off in Frankfurt, arrival in the US was a snap back to reality.  There is no express arrival offered as a courtesy either for Immigration or for exiting the Baggage Claim area when arriving in the United States; only paid members of a global entry system have express service.  The queues were long, but to the credit of the Immigration staff, they constantly moved forward and the wait was not as long as it looked.  This has nothing to do with Lufthansa, of course, except to highlight the excellent service it offers within its realm of control.

A superb flight superseded only by an extraordinary pre-departure experience.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.L.B
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