British Airways brings tasty tea to 35,000 feet

       BA serves up a cuppa.

Tea lovers rejoice – British Airways has teamed up with Twinings to create a special tea blend that will taste just as good in the air as it does in the comforts of your home.

Serving 35 million cups of tea a year, BA commissioned for the tea to be created as part of their £5 billion investment in new products, aircraft and technologies that enhance their customers’ experience.

The tea is a special blend of Assam, Kenyan and high grown Ceylon tea that withstands the conditions at 35,000 feet, such as the water which boils at only 89 degrees centigrade and the affect that the reduced air pressure and humidity has on flyers taste buds (a reduction of 30 percent).

Guests sitting at the front of the aircraft will be able to try the First class exclusive Twinings Whole Leaf Silky Pyramids range which includes English Breakfast; Earl Grey; Mint Humbug; Jasmine Pearls; Red Berry Fool and Honeycomb Camomile.

On the ground, the customers are offered a choice of Cranberry & Elderflower, Camomile and Peppermint infusions as well as Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Green Tea in Club World.

What would you like to eat or drink in the air?

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: A.N.
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