40th Anniversary of Launching LOT Flights to New York

LOT Polish Airlines is celebrating the 40th anniversary of launching its connection between Warsaw and New York.

Direct long haul connections are the flagship routes of LOT. Uniterrupted presence of the Polish carrier on this route for 40 years has confirmed its dominant position in that market.

Taking into consideration Poland’s political situation at that time, the launching of airline operations to the United States in 1973 should be recognized as a breakthrough in Poland’s relations with the West – said Sebastian Mikosz, President of LOT Polish Airlines. We are proud of such long tradition of this connection, being the most popular among our passengers. Thanks to the good offer, our North-Atlantic flights also generate a big flow of connecting traffic via Warsaw airport – added Sebastian Mikosz.

There is an amazing anecdote regarding the the history of this connection. According to logic and tradition, the flights departing from Warsaw should have flight number LO 001 and those returning from New York should carry the number LO 002. However, LOT decided to change the flight numbers to 006 and 007 respectively. According to the story – the change was made because of the most famous secret agent in the world, whose adventures were to be shown for the eighth time in movie theaters in 1973. In addition, the action of the movie had been set in New York City!  

In the upcoming summer season, LOT will be offering 11 flights a week on this route.

In 2012, LOT carried almost 105 thousand passengers on this route (up 4% in comparison with the preceding year). The load factor in the period between January – December 2012 was 88%, up 6% in relation to the same period in 2011. Moreover, the carrier showed increased sales in business class – up 9%.

Source = LOT Polish Airlines
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