Benefits of being a global company: Aus agents return from trip to Cyprus

The travel company believes that this trip fell at the perfect time as it is essential to continue to support the country now more than ever and to ensure tourism levels remain high while they are experiencing economic difficulties. 

The Travel Counsellors who attended the trip won their places in a team sales incentive challenge which was held by the company at the start of the year.  ‘The Race to Aphrodite’ involved Travel Counsellors from across the globe competing in teams across a number of challenges.

Trish Hollis, Newcastle based Travel Counsellor said: “We won our place to Cyprus because our team worked well despite the fact we were spread across the globe.  The technology we have at our finger tips really helped to ensure we communicated with each other.  I loved the incentive as it allowed me to strengthen my relationships with the agents in the other global offices.  The fact that we’re global is such an advantage – particularly when we get to compete in incentives like this.  It was a great challenge and we were thrilled to find out that we’d won.  The trip was the perfect reward and has lived up to my expectations.  It has been beyond amazing.”

The seven day trip was hosted in partnership with Constantinou Bros Hotels in Paphos.  The Travel Counsellors also visited a number of different hotels in the country to help them broaden their knowledge for customers.

Ms Hollis continued: “Since returning from the trip I can now confidently recommend this region and the Constantinou Bros Hotel to my customers. Although we did pack a lot into the trip, we were given time to revisit our favourite sights and areas and we were lucky enough to experience the facilities at the 5* Asimina Suites Hotel which was a real treat.”

The Travel Counsellors also reported that Zorba dance lessons at Athena beach was a particular highlight, followed by dinner at a local tavern in Paphos.  

The other Travel Counsellor from Australia who attended was Leith Taylor, who has only recently joined the company.  She said: “I was made to feel so welcome by the whole group.  The trip was a great opportunity to make new friends with all the overseas Travel Counsellors. The camaraderie has shown me exactly what Travel Counsellors is all about. I had a fantastic time and I’d like to thank Constantinou Bros Hotels for giving us the opportunity to experience such a wonderful destination.”

Source = Travel Counsellors
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