AFKL “Summer Sale” – Special economy class fares

Please be advised of the release of new Air France – KLM “SUMMER SALE” special economy class fares.

Air France
Sales: 24APR13 -31MAY13
Travel : 01JUL13-31AUG13
Routing: VIA SIN only / valid to EU only
Levels /Reservations : R class : from AUD900 (ex West Coast)
N class : from AUD1100 (ex West Coast)

Effective 15MAY13 – QF flights between Australia – Asia can now been used with final destination UK/Ireland.

Sales: 24APR13 – 08MAY13
Travel : 01JUL13-18JUL13
Routing: VIA SIN only/valid to EU only
Levels/Reservations : R class : from AUD900 (ex West Coast)
N class : from AUD1100 (ex West Coast)

TTL: 4 Days. If automatically generated TTL differs from AP, most restrictive date prevails You may find the attached fare sheets for more information.

AF Fare-sheets:

KL Fare-sheets:

Please note that all the published fares are also available on our trade website Please take note that these fares are also 5 % commissionable and this includes the Fuel Levies. (YR)

Thank you for your continued support.

From the team at
Air France KLM Australia

Trade Helpdesk: 1300 391 191

Source = Air France & KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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