What makes Glasgow a great city? Have Your Say

What makes Glasgow a great city? That’s the question being posed as part of a month-long conversation aimed at helping to shape a new brand for Glasgow.

At the University of Glasgow in the city’s West End, Councillor Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council and Chair of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau (GCMB), has launched the four-week conversation.

Led by Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, the initiative, which runs until Tuesday, May 21, is geared at encouraging the people of Glasgow – and anyone who has a connection with the city – to have their say, with responses helping to inform the development of a new city brand that will replace Glasgow: Scotland with style. 

Councillor Matheson said: “Since its launch in 2004, the Glasgow: Scotland with style brand has created a strong, recognisable identity for Glasgow; positioning the city as a world-class destination in which to live, work and study, and it has been intrinsic to our tourism, retail and inward investment success.

“Now, we’re asking the people of Glasgow and anyone who wants to see Glasgow flourish to help us write the next chapter in the city’s brand story. We want this to be the largest and most inclusive conversation about its brand that any city has ever held.

“Next year, Glasgow will be in the spotlight like never before when a staggering 1.5 billion TV viewers around the world will focus their attention on the city for the Commonwealth Games. 

“We’re on the starting blocks and as we approach one year to go we’re starting a conversation that’s aimed at ensuring our residents, visitors and expat Glaswegians the world over have every opportunity to help shape the brand that will represent Glasgow during those Games and beyond – one which will continue to build on what Glasgow: Scotland with style has achieved over the past nine years whilst reflecting the city’s increasingly diverse economy.”

Councillor Matheson added: “Glasgow is a city bursting with life, energy, passion and personality. From our world-class universities and internationally acclaimed visual and performing arts credentials, to our legendary music scene, architectural heritage and retail strength, Glasgow has earned a global reputation for its creativity and innovation.

“We’re also justifiably renowned throughout the world for the friendliness, warmth and good humour of our people and we’re a highly ambitious city. After the Commonwealth Games we’ll be hosting the Turner Prize in 2015 and we’ve been shortlisted for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games; the city is constantly evolving and we have bold aspirations for the future.

“In tandem with our cultural and sporting ambitions, the promotion of Glasgow as a centre of excellence for scientific and medical research as well as a world-leading business city is key to competing internationally and delivering future economic growth.

“As such, Glasgow City Council’s five year Strategic Plan to 2017 and the industry-led Glasgow Economic Leadership have identified the development of a compelling and cohesive new brand as a major driver through which to articulate the city’s credentials across life sciences; financial and business services; low carbon industries; engineering; manufacturing and design; higher and further education; and tourism and major events – each of which are priority growth sectors for Glasgow going forward.”

Throughout the four weeks of the conversation the content received will be collated and reviewed to identify key themes that will inform the subsequent creative development process ahead of the new brand being launched this summer and rolled out over the next 12 months.

Councillor Matheson said: “We fully expect that we’ll uncover some genuinely compelling stories about Glasgow, its people and its places that will help shape the development of the new city brand and create a real sense of authenticity and emotion. We want anything that people think captures the spirit and soul of the city, which we can use to continue to tell Glasgow’s story to the world.”

Source = Glasgow City Marketing Bureau
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