SWISS International Air Lines LX 180 Zurich to Bangkok

Busy but efficient, scenic ZRH is an easy hub for transit passengers.
entrance to the SWISS Panorama Lounge
SWISS aircraft at ZRH

Business Class
27 August 2011

Check-in for this flight and its earlier connecting flight took place in Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport and was carried out with friendly efficiency by counter staff eager to ensure the preferred seats were made available on the two flights.  Connecting to LX 180 from LX 657 was a breeze in compact Zurich Airport, one of the user-friendliest airports in the world and an easy hub for transfers for travellers to or from SWISS European destinations beyond Switzerland.  SWISS transit passengers can enjoy the expansive space of the award-winning Panorama Lounge in Terminal E, which offers glass walls on two sides in an airy alternative to the cloistered airport lounges often tucked away in the corners of European airports.  SWISS will further enhance its facilities on the ground at Zurich Airport with the unveiling of a new lounge for non-Schengen departures scheduled to open in December.

Even on the short, 45-minute flight from Paris to Zurich, a tasty light meal was served accompanied by Swiss wines; the longer flight offered more of the same as part of the famous SWISS A Taste Of Switzerland dining program that features a different Swiss chef and wine region on board its longhaul flights each month.  Additionally, vegetarian travellers are treated to the offerings of Zurich's legendary eatery Hiltl, Europe's oldest vegetarian restaurant that has been serving delicious food since 1898.

The overnight flight to Bangkok departed at 22:45, making sleep a priority.  Luckily, with the new interiors in SWISS Business Class, the well-designed seats are very comfortable for sitting, and for sleeping they open to a two-metre long bed that makes you feel like you're sleeping on air—because you are.  Part of the new interior design was a reduction in aircraft weight to increase fuel efficiency.  Swiss textile company Lantal, a leader in the production of materials for aircraft interiors, designed an adjustable air cushion that has SWISS Business and First Class passengers literally sleeping on air. 

One of the most noticeable aspects of this flight was the quietness of the SWISS engines, among the most fuel efficient engines in commercial service.  Even in a seat over the wing, engine noise was minimal and there was no need to speak in a loud tone or have a high volume on the entertainment system.  SWISS takes noise concerns seriously, not only for the passengers inside the aircraft but also for the people under the flight path, with many of its aircrafts' engines delivering low-noise performance even more stringent than those outlined by the ICAO.  SWISS has also instituted a new landing procedure called Continuous Descent Approach that enables planes to land with less noise over the airport area.

Both the Paris-Zurich and Zurich-Bangkok flights departed on time, with an early arrival in Bangkok where luggage was delivered only a few minutes after landing.  Tourism Authority Of Thailand's Stopover Bangkok program makes a convincing case for staying a few days in the Thai capital to enjoy shopping, dining, and maybe a muay thai match before returning home.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.L.B

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