Costa Concordia salvage continues


Two years after the infamous Costa Concordia wrecked off the coast of Italy’s Giglio island, an extensive operation to lift, tow away and dismantle the rusting cruise liner has been announced.

The disastrous incident, which claimed the lives of 32 passengers, left the capsized vessel stranded where it struck the rocky coastline and sank, the Daily Mail reported.

Officials have now confirmed that the enormous ship will undergo a ‘parbuckling salvage’ operation in June, in an attempt to raise the hulking mass from its shallow grave and tow it away.

While a final decision will be made in March, a British seaport has been revealed as the front-runner to dismantle the hulking ocean-craft, expected to be worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

Twelve different companies have been invited to bid for the eventual disassembling, scrapping and recycling contract, including ports in China, France, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The 114,500-tonne Costa Concordia was sank on 13 January 2012 when Captain Francesco Schettino allegedly sailed the ship too fast and too close to shore in an attempt to ‘salute’ local residents.

Source = ETB News: P.T.
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