No gulf in Australia’s ambition for Middle Eastern tourists


Australia is increasingly promoting itself as a destination for tourists from the Persian Gulf.

With the recent strategic alliance between Emirates Airways and Qantas Airways and its sound financial system, Australia could be an attractive destinations to Gulf tourists.

Mr Pablo Kang, Australian Ambassador to Qatar and the UAE, said that Australia was seen as a safe haven for tourists and investors.

“Australia is not a high return investment destination, but it has a low-risk investment environment,” said Pablo Kang, the Australian ambassador to the UAE and Qatar.

Mr Kang also said that there are 126 flights per week between the UAE and Australia and this amount will soon increase to 133.

Although the UAE is only Australia’s 21st highest source market for tourists, it is one of the largest sources of tourists spend, along with the US and China.

In 2013, 199,000 people visited Australia from the Middle East and North Africa, a rise of 7 per cent. 

Source = ETB News: Tom Neale
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