MH operations in Dubai – temporary shift from DXB to DWC

Malaysia_Airlines_B777-200EREffective 01MAY – 21JULY 2014, Malaysia Airlines will temporarily shift its scheduled operations away from Dubai International Airport (DXB) to DUBAI WORLD CENTRAL Al-Maktoum International Airport (DWC) in UAE.

This temporary shift is due to the closure of one of DXB Airport runaways for major resurfacing works.

Below is some useful information on this temporary shift.

Some Important Points to note:

  • Effective Date: 01May – 21Jul 2014
  • Flight Number:
    MH 154 ETD KUL 1515 Hrs ETA DWC 1815 hrs
    MH155 ETD DWC 1935 hrs ETA KUL 0705 (+1day)
    i.e. flight arrives the next day.
    (both flights operate daily – one flight per day)
  • Minimum Connecting Time: MCT for transfer of passengers between DWC Airport & DXB Airport is set at 4 hours
  • For all ticketed PNR’s: The Source of Booking is responsible to rebook & reissue the passenger’s tickets.
  • Rebooking: Due misconnections of inbound & outbound flights
  • Reissue Fee A “Blanket Authority” waiver for all Reissue’s is in place
    This waiver applies only for this exercise where change is from DXB TO DWC Airport.
  • SSR element: When a ‘TK’ segment of DWC is updated in a PNR, please check the SSR element, i.e. TKNE/DOCS/NSST/SPML or any SSR related info MUST be updated.
  • Travel Time from DWC to DXB
    By Taxi – allow for 40 – 50 minutes
    By Metro – allow for approximately 35 – 40 minutes
  • Immigration : Recommend passenger liaise with UAE embassy/consulate prior to travel to UAE

Kindly ensure you follow the above procedure to avoid passenger mishandling and complaints.


Source = Malaysia Airlines
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