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Destination Guide (far left), Food and Beverages menu (center) and Route Map.

Scoot is pleased to announce the release of its mobile app on the iOS platform. Enjoy the freedom and ease of booking your Scoot flight while on the go! The Scoot App is free and available for download at the Apple App Store. The Scoot App is a new booking channel complementing our website, call centre and travel agents.

Said Campbell Wilson, CEO of Scoot, “The Scoot App brings another level of convenience to our guests, allowing everyone to book a Scoot flight wherever you are. Personal devices like smartphones are becoming ever more popular and we wanted to deliver a solid mobile app that looked good but functions even better. So we’ve tinkered to bring the best app we can produce. Booking a Scoot flight couldn’t be simpler and you’ll be making reservations in no time to get outta here!”

Mobile Experience

The steps in making a reservation on your mobile phone is similar to the way it is done on the Scoot website. Once a booking is paid and finalized, it can be easily retrieved by tapping the My Flights icon. Tapping the Fare Deals icon will display our everyday low fares and promotions.

Other Features and Extras

We have jam-packed the Scoot App to deliver practical information at your fingertips.

Our Destination Guide provides an essential summary of the destinations we fly to. A rundown of where to go and what to see. The Route Map gives you an idea of the geographical coverage in the Scoot network. Get a better appreciation of what the Scoot Experience can offer by tapping the icon to learn about the perks of flying in ScootBiz and the differences between our Economy seating options.

Satisfy your cravings by indulging in the bountiful offerings in our Food and Beverages menu and make sure to include these yummy meals into your bookings!

Other extras crammed into Scoot App also allows you to link to our Facebook site. Helpful nuggets of useful travel information can be found in the Conditions of Carriage, Special Needs and Frequently Asked Questions sections.

This is just the beginning!

The release of the Scoot App for iOS, version 1.0, is just a first step.  In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out Scoot apps for Android, iPad as well as a mobile-optimised website, whilst constantly adding more functionality and language capability to all platforms.  Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Manage My Booking and many other features are just around the corner.

New Product Offerings

Though we’ve been busy developing the Scoot App, we’ve not stopped broadening our product lineup to give you event greater choice. Our Max Your Space option doubles your real estate: for a small fee, you can guarantee that the seat next to yours will be empty. What you choose to do with that extra space is up to your imagination!

Got carried away on your shopping spree but don’t want to wait for checked-in bags on arrival? Carry all your goodies onboard by simply choosing the Extra Cabin Bag option, which allows you an extra 7 kilograms of cabin baggage, so you can hit the ground running and Scoot through Arrivals.


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