Going With The Flow On A Royal Caribbean FlowRider

219949Australian-based Voyager of the Seas’ top-to-toe makeover will see her carrying one of most exciting features to ever reach Australian shores – a brand new FlowRider surf simulator in the sports area of the ship.

What is the FlowRider?

Royal Caribbean’s signature FlowRider is a surfing simulator which allows guests to have a surfing experience out in the middle of the ocean. It generates a thin sheet of water that flows over the ride surface, creating a wave-like shape. Water comes out at approximately 126 tonnes or nearly 130,000 litres a minute, creating a wave-like water flow that allows riders to stand up and surf against, similar to swimming against a current in a stationary lap pool.

The FlowRider’s design features a composite surface similar to a trampoline that provides a cushion to absorb the impact of falls, and was designed by WaveLoch, Inc. of La Jolla, California.

How do you use the FlowRider?

Adventurous guests can try their hand and legs at stand-up surfing, known as flowboarding, or opt for less-balance-demanding body boarding. Using core body strength, riders have to keep themselves upright moving back and forth on the waves using very small body movements. Guests can opt to use surf or body boards, and with some practice, can eventually carve turns and try tricks.

The FlowRider is free for all guests to use. When using it for the first time, after they sign in, instructors walk guests through a required safety session with tips for success. Royal Caribbean also offers private FlowRiding lessons onboard for those that want to really hone the craft. And for those who prefer cheering rather than the challenge, there is also stadium seating for spectators.

Some facts about the FlowRider

  • The FlowRider is 9.75m wide x 12m long
  • Water comes out from slats at 56 to 72 km/hour
  • The FlowRider’s pumps can hold two tonnes of water, big enough to push the water with around 372 tonnes per minute.

Source = Royal Caribbean International
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