Tripadvisor announces new “plan, compare and book” message in “don’t just visit” tv ads


TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site*, today announced new TV ads that showcase TripAdvisor as a comprehensive travel planning, shopping and booking site. The ads, which are an evolution of the company’s “Don’t Just Visit” campaign, call upon travelers to use TripAdvisor to “plan, compare and book” the perfect trip.

In addition, TripAdvisor is expanding its advertising campaign into the U.K. and Brazil for the first time, and will continue to advertise in the U.S., Australia and France markets where the “Don’t Just Visit” ads aired earlier this year. TripAdvisor plans to launch its ad campaign in additional markets later in 2015.

The original “Don’t Just Visit” ads, which launched in May 2014, communicated the benefits of using TripAdvisor to plan a better trip and what can go wrong when the site is not used. Since then, the company has launched a number of initiatives and completed acquisitions that expand how consumers can use TripAdvisor. In June, the company launched its instant booking platform rolling it out to U.S.-based mobile app and web users, and in May and August, finalised acquisitions of restaurant and attraction booking sites lafourchette and Viator, respectively.

These new initiatives, combined with TripAdvisor’s existing price comparison tools, have broadened the booking options for consumers on the site.

The new ads expand on TripAdvisor’s original “plan a better trip” message to include the ability for travelers to compare prices and book their trip. The spots focus on TripAdvisor’s powerful hotel price comparison search that checks hundreds of websites to find great hotel prices.

“Our initial ‘Don’t Just Visit’ TV ads set the foundation that, with the help of millions of reviews, the TripAdvisor version of any trip is always better,” said Barbara Messing, CMO of TripAdvisor. “The new ads expand our messaging to showcase TripAdvisor as a one-stop, comprehensive planning, shopping and booking site.”

An example of the new TripAdvisor TV ads is available here.

Source = Tripadvisor
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