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 The Philippines offers an exotic getaway like no other, with over 7,100 islands at your fingertips. For many travellers, the time spent at airports or on bumpy boat rides can make island hopping seem daunting. Now there is a new, easy way to explore the hidden gems of the Philippines without wasting time at airports or on boats. Newly established Air Juan aims to make dream island holidays effortless and stress-free.

Forget waiting in endless airport queues or enduring painfully long bus and boat rides, the fastest way to see the Philippines is with Air Juan. The charter airline can fly to anywhere in Palawan and many surrounding islands on one of its business jets, turboprops or helicopters. The top of line jets are able to land in small airports and short airstrips, making it possible to explore so many of the 7,107 islands the Philippines has to offer.

Air Juan’s brand-new fleet provides luxury and comfort with leather seats and in-flight entertainment. The airline aims to provide exclusive travel, leaving it up to passengers to decide who they fly with, where they fly to and when they fly.

Leisure or business travellers can buy a ticket on one of Air Juan’s scheduled flights. Currently, Air Juan operates return flights between Puerto Princesa and Cuyo on Wednesday and Saturday. On Tuesday and Friday the airline operates return flights between Puerto Princesa and Coron and between Coron and Boracay.

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Air Juan also provides one-of-a-kind travel in its newly introduced seaplanes. Flying passengers directly from the harbour to their desired beach or resort, this method of travel minimises regular airport hassle. Travellers can check in just ten minutes before their flight, board the seaplane and arrive at their destination before breakfast.

The airline operates regular flights to selected Northern Palawan resorts, allowing passengers to pay per seat like a regular airline. Ad-hoc charter services and scenic flights are also available at a cost per hour rate. Transporting passengers to almost anywhere in the Philippines, this service is perfect for small groups, large families or anyone who wants to fly in privacy and style.

Air Juan is committed to providing luxurious, private travel in their top range fleet. It ensures passengers onboard any of its services receives first-class travel. The airline aims to maintain an up-to-date fleet and is constantly looking out for the latest in aircraft models and avionics.

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