Lonely Planet releases Queens, NY video

lonely planet queens NYC

Lonely Planet releases Queens, NY video

In December 2014, Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel media company, released its annual list of the best places to go in the US. Queens, New York’s largest borough, was named the number one destination to visit in 2015.

 The news was featured on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, The New York Times, CNBC, USA Today, CNN, TIME, ABC News—even Saturday Night Live—and much more.

Now, Lonely Planet has released “Uncovering Queens,” a short new video spotlighting what makes the city such an exciting, up-and-coming tourist destination. Guidebook writer Regis St. Louis walks us through the city, showing how travelers can easily explore Queens and discover amazing experiences and hidden gems around every corner.

“Lonely Planet’s choice of Queens for Best in the US may have been surprising to many,” says St. Regis, “but it is certainly warranted.”

The most ethnically diverse urban area on earth, Queens doesn’t look to Manhattan for its cultural cues. It’s home to cutting-edge art and museums, a rich musical history, burgeoning microbreweries and one of the most incredibly diverse food scenes in the country.


Source = Lonely Planet
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