New Self Drive Holidays to South America

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New Self Drive Holidays to South America

RealWorld Holidays offers some of the world’s most picturesque drives, and a new range of Self Drive holidays from South America-specialists RealWorld Holidays helping to bring them all within easy reach of UK holiday-makers.

Admittedly not every corner of this fascinating continent is suitable for self-drive holidays: in some places the rainy season can put paid to the best-planned itinerary, and in other areas a lack of suitable vehicles for hire makes things impossible. Sometimes self-drive is perfectly possible but still not advisable: ask yourself if you really want to spend 8 hours of your holiday stuck in Sao Paulo’s notorious traffic!

However, there are a few places where the conditions, the roads, and the scenery come together perfectly to give adventurous drivers the chance to explore South America under their own steam. Patagonia is a prime example, and self-drive itineraries here allow you to take your time over some of the world’s most beautiful locations, such as the mountains of the Torres del Paine National Park, or the volcanoes and forests of the Lake District. Further north, the arid Atacama Desert might be where NASA test their Mars rovers, but it’s also perfect for self-drive holidays, meaning that you can pick and choose which areas and sights you visit rather than sticking to a pre-organised schedule.

As Dan Clarke of RealWorld says, “organised tours can be great way to see these areas, but there’s no substitute for being able to stop wherever and whenever you like. Where it’s practical, we think self-drive is a fantastic way to explore South America”.





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