Skyscanner launches guide for Yuccies


Image via Skyscanner

Image via Skyscanner

Global travel search engine Skyscanner has compiled a guide to the top 20 cities for Yuccies around the world after investigating the locations that attract and interest this newly identified group of “young urban creatives”, with details on why these cities are worth a visit.

To bring these cities to life, the sequel to Skyscanner’s #24hPeriscope live streaming world tour will be held on Friday 24 July 2015 via broadcasting app Periscope and will enable travellers to explore these alternative urban areas and discover why these locations are so popular with this particular group.

“We are always eager to uncover and investigate new trends, and were immediately intrigued by the Yuccie universe,” said Alana Saphin-Polchleb, Head of Marketing, Oceania at Skyscanner.

“We wanted to know more about the Young Urban Creative and understand their interests, the places they go to and why.

“We were keen to discover how they contribute to modelling the cultural scene of the cities, to help our travellers stay up to date with trends and highlight new and hidden gems for urban explorers, even in the most popular destinations.”

The Skyscanner Yuccie City Guide includes up-and-coming neighbourhoods in cities like Leipzig, Milan, Islington and Sydney’s very own Alexandria, which has seen a flourishing of galleries, cultural spaces, start-ups and designer offices.

The cities will also be featured in the 24-hour live Periscope broadcast by 24 people made up of bloggers, influencers and Skyscanner team members.

“Broadcasting our guide through influencers around the globe via Periscope gives us another opportunity to engage and inspire travellers”, added Alana.

The success of Skyscanner’s inaugural 24-hour broadcasting world tour on Periscope in April 2015 saw over 23 thousand people tuning in, reaching 1.6 million users and generating 1,200 tweets.

This Friday’s sequel, which can be followed on both Android and iOS devices, will kick off at 10:00PM AEST and will feature 24 hours of alternating broadcasts from 20 locations.

Source = Skyscanner
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