10 Things You Don’t Know About Britain, the #HomeofRugby


10 Things You Don’t Know About Britain, the #HomeofRugby

On the eve of this weekend’s final at Twickenham, as the Wallabies take centre stage against the reigning World Champions, the All Blacks, here are 10 things you may not know about the #HomeofRugby.

  1. The first ever international rugby match took place between England and Scotland played in Edinburgh, 1871.
  2. The Welsh rugby team were the first to ever sing their national anthem before a game in response to New Zealand’s famous Haka dance in Cardiff, 1905. This reaction was the start to the tradition of singing national anthems before major sporting events!
  3. Rugby is the national sport in three countries; Wales, New Zealand and Madagascar. Britain’s national sport is cricket, which is often over looked by our most popular sport – football.
  4. This weekend’s Rugby World Cup Final will be held at Twickenham – the world’s largest rugby-devoted stadium.
  5. No team has ever won two Rugby World Cup tournaments in succession – yet. Can New Zealand end this in 2015?
  6. The same whistle is used to kick off the opening game of every Rugby World Cup – it was first blown by a Welsh referee as he oversaw a match between England and New Zealand in 1905!
  7. The game originated when Rugby School pupil, William Webb Ellis, picked up the ball in a football match and ran with it instead of kicking in 1823.
  8. Two butchers created the Rugby Sevens in 1888 in Melrose, Scotland.
  9. Basketball is said to have been originated by a rugby coach in 1891 as he wanted an indoor sport to keep his rugby players fit during the winter!
  10. England Rugby 2015 estimates two million spectators have viewed the 46 RWC2015 matches hosted to date in 13 venues across England and Wales. Over 900,000 fans have visited the official Fanzones in the host cities and Rugby.
Source = Visit Britain
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