Cityview Milan: On The Go In Italy’s Business Capital

The Royal Suite is fit for a queen

The charms of Italy have been written about for more than a century, back tot he times when pale British aristocracy started visiting more southerly climes to cure their ills. They are still coming, the Brits, and so are millions of other people.

Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele

Despite all the press Milan gets for its Fashion Weeks and other business events in this city where things get done, there are not all that many tourist attractions to keep visitors in town for more than a few days. That said, not everyone who comes to Italy is looking for action-packed schedules; indeed, many are looking to adopt a more leisurely pace than what they experience at home, and Milan is the perfect place to make the transition from overworked to under the influence of Italy’s celebrated lifestyle. Milan is an enigmatic city. In reality, it does not have all that many tourist attractions compared to other Italian cities like Venice, Rome, and Florence. Milan’s appeal lies in its energy; this is a city where the action takes place behind closed doors, where its sophisticated residents impress without the need to overstate the obvious.

An elegant suite for well-heeled travellers

This is the credo of the grand Principe di Savoia, a member of the elite Dorchester Collection and one of Milan’s hotel institutions. There has been quite an increase in the number of five-star properties in Milan, all of them cutting-edge modern. While the gizmos are fun, the traditional service and style of Principe di Savoia goes a long way in making its guests feel welcome and pampered; the staff are excellent and work to get things done on your behalf, and princely breakfasts start the day off with a hearty meal—which is not always the case in Italy, where spare breakfasts are more the norm for the locals.

Principe de Savoia entrance

What is there to see in Milan? The Duomo is Milan’s principal attraction, but it is not just another European cathedral. For one, it is highly ornate, with near endless decorative details from top to bottom. Second, this is a cathedral whose roof is open to the public, which allows not only for a higher view of the city centre, but also closer examination of all those architectural details. Right next to the Duomo is the spectacular Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele arcade, which leads to Teatro della Scala, where opera and ballet are performed in one of the most sumptuous theatres in the world.

Santa Maria delle Grazie, home of The Last Supper

Another church to be visited is Santa Maria delle Grazie, not for the church itself, but for a painting it houses in one of the convent buildings at this UNESCO World Heritage site. Leonardo d Vinci’s The Last Supper has been recently restored and is a truly magnificent work of art. It is housed in a building all to itself to better accommodate visitors, who are allowed in in small groups only at specific times.

Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele main entrance
Milan makes an excellent base to explore the many appealing towns in northern Italy, or even venture into the Italian part of Switzerland, less than an hour away by train.
The Duomo
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