itravel experiences Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy


As part of our ongoing training and professional development initiative to ensure that our consultants have updated product knowledge, itravel has committed to educational days in which agents have the chance to learn about the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer.

With economy class rapidly becoming below the level of satisfaction for many flyers, Singapore Airlines have released a premium economy class of flying to appeal to those not interested in flying ‘cattle class’, but unable to afford the Business class fare.

The team at itravel were lucky enough to check out Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy so that they can give their clients a firsthand experience and a range of features and benefits. After all, the best way to gain knowledge on something is by doing it yourself.

itravel team members were given a tour of the Singapore Airlines A380 by sales representative Charlotte Koong, giving particular attention to the new Premium Economy class.

Nestled between economy and the ultra-fancy suites on the bottom level of the aircraft, the charcoal shaded leather seats have been placed in a cabin all to themselves.

The itravel team were able to test out the eight inch recline, calf and foot rests and adjustable winged head rests that the Premium Economy seats have to offer, not to mention the extra space.

They also had a peek at the Business and First Class Singapore Airlines lounges in Sydney Airport’s departure terminal, adding to their knowledge on the ground and air benefits of the Singapore Airlines product.


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