EuroPride Zurich 2009: After The Party, Zurich Remains a Gay-Welcoming Destination

EuroPride Zurich 2009

Nice to meet you!
Pam Ann’s popularity draws devoted fans around the world
snow in June courtesy of Arosa Gay Ski Week

After The Party, Zurich Remains a Gay-Welcoming Destination

Wow!  What an impressive display!  Once again, Switzerland surprises.  Saturday’s EuroPride parade packed the famous Bahnhofstrasse with participants and spectators, though it was hard to tell who was having more fun.  Leave it to the ingenious Swiss to have snow in June thanks to the people from Arosa Gay Ski Week, coming up in January 2010.  Just another gay event in this friendliest of countries.  With Holland falling ever further into an abyss of conservatism, taking Amsterdam’s freewheeling reputation with it, Switzerland is right there to take its place as one of Europe’s favourite gaystinations. 

The locals are very fortunate to live in such an advanced society.  Zurich has long been a welcoming city to GLBT people who here enjoy a safe, friendly, and diverse population.  Among the besuited bankers and Armani-clad watch shoppers, we fit right in.  In fact, Zurich has always been exceptionally welcoming to gay visitors; there has been a gay presence in the city’s atmospheric Old Town since at least the 1800’s.  Barfusser, a legend on the Zurich scene, has been in operation since 1956, thirteen years after the founding of the landmark gay culture magazine, Der Kreis.  Indeed, it is in the Germanic countries where Pride festivals are more commonly known as Christopher Street Day to reinforce the foundation on which the modern gay rights movement was built.  Aside from the expected bars, clubs, and other entertainment venues, Switzerland is also well endowed with a high number of groups and associations with a gay perspective catering to a variety of social, political, and personal interests.

Perfectly located for long weekend breaks for neighbouring Italians, French, Germans, and Austrians and well connected to major world cities with numerous flights, Switzerland is only now realising the potential it has always had.  Many people, even the frequent travellers among us, are unaware that Switzerland has one of the most complete gay infrastructures in Europe, with many social clubs, sporting groups, and social venues all over the country, making Zurich a great choice as host to EuroPride—the first time the event has been held in Switzerland.  From the warm welcome given to visitors, it’s unlikely to be the last.

Of course, after all the cultural stimulation, it’s time to unwind.  Switzerland has no shortage of social venues for gay and lesbian residents and visitors; from the comings and goings of the very social lobby at Park Hyatt Zurich, you may not even need to leave the hotel to meet your fellow GLB and even T travellers.  Between handsome staff and cosmopolitan visitors, there is enough eye candy in this place to satisfy Willy Wonka.


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Swiss performer Thraxx Wiz headed the parade on the lead float
Zurich’s famous shopping street, Bahnhofstrasse, was packed with participants and spectators


Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.L.B

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