Anjuna appointed exclusive member for APG in USA and Canada


Anjuna appointed exclusive member for APG in USA and Canada

Anjuna, one of the world’s only specialised airline services providers, has secured the exclusive appointment of member of the APG Network for the USA and Canada.

The appointment, made overnight at APG Headquarters in Paris, comes after Anjuna recently secured similar agreements in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

APG is the largest global organisation for the provision of airline services worldwide, representing over 200 carriers across the globe with offices worldwide.

Anjuna Chairman and executive director Ms Claire Gray spoke exclusively with ETB Travel News last night, saying she is “delighted in the recent appointment for the USA and Canada as it is one of the largest operations globally within the APG network, serving twenty airlines both online and offline out of the USA and Canada”.

Ms Gray went on to say the APG appointment in the US and Canadian markets is in line with Anjuna’s global strategy.

“We have now restructured some of our other business activities within the US and Canada by bringing our wholly owned subsidiaries all under the one brand, Anjuna” she said.

“I believe airlines today are requiring much greater presences through branding and distribution, these are just some of the services we as a company bring to the table.

“Gone are the days where high producing retail agents, in certain markets, are being appointed GSAs. Not only is there a conflict of interest with distribution partners, it is not transparent nor is it cost effective for carriers. “After all, they are retailers, not airlines – there is a significant difference. Agencies need to have confidence that they are essentially dealing with the airline and not a competing agency,” she said.

With the recent appointment for the USA and Canada, enquiries have already started to come in from additional carriers seeking a more cost effective, productive and transparent solution to their needs.

With a focus on yield and ROI, airlines need to continually cut costs and maximise revenue opportunities via both traditional platforms and newly created technologies.

“Anjuna has the ideal modelling in place to achieve the modern day airline’s needs and more,” Ms Gray said.

About Anjuna 

Anjuna is a global airline service provider and the exclusive member for APG in Canada, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. With a combined experience of 100 years using the latest technologies and shared services platforms, Anjuna maintains offices in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Montreal, Sydney, Auckland, Bangkok and Singapore.

About APG 

With over 100 offices covering over 170 countries, APG is the world’s largest and most successful GSA airline representation network, partnering with over 200 airline clients.

More than a GSA, APG offers a holistic approach to airline distribution, offering not only airline representation but also interline e-ticketing solutions, fare filing, BSP support services as well as other airline distribution solutions, all aimed at maximising an airline’s revenue potential. The APG Network is indeed, “The World’s Leading Network for Airline Services”.

Source = Anjuna Solutions - APG

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