Travel Niche vs One Stop Shop

Travel Niche vs One Stop Shop

2016 may well be the year that many in the industry FINALLY say “Oh dear, should have gotten onto the online thing earlier” or “Its not that it was broken but someone else made a better verison” or maybe “Gee, that old brand that went broke and got a new brand should not have been trusted…”

(I hope for your sake you see the wolf in the sheeps clothing for the last one because they are back in the market with a new manager)

Online domination has been on the horizon for a decade now. Maybe it moved a little slower than some expected but 2016 will be crunch for a lot of Australians.

Do what online did; change the rules, find advantage, simply do a better job than ever before.

Niche it and make an impact

But you need to aim high

If you are going to enter a market and take on “the establishment” you simply need to be better. If your opposition is growing at 10% and your plans will take 12 months, you need to aim 50% better. Why? Your planning will not take everything into account, your opposition may grow faster, you will encounter unknown unknowns. You don’t want to enter the market with a 2 year old idea that’s behind the times.Thats been done and we are currently seeing the failure

Think big, be aggressive and be bold.

Don’t think you can meaningfully compete by copying your competition. They are probably already good at that. Find a new game and make them play.

What are you going to do?

So maybe you have identified a growing market, have access to some product someone else does not, can do something significantly better. Can you define it? “Twice as much for half the price” is not a business plan.

The gold is if you can find “a need” and fill it. If not, make the desire to “want” what you got strong enough to feel like want is greater than need.

“You have to stay in a treehouse”. Ok, better book one. Where do I start.

Play to your strengths

It should be a gimme – don’t try a new skills, work with what you got – your strengths. Maybe you are an engaging guide, a great sales person, excellent with numbers.

Got a weakness? Get a partner. I saw a Melbourne agency open where many suggested “She just doesn’t have the business smarts.” She agreed “I sell well but get flummoxed with the business side”. So found a partner who was “sick of selling but really enjoy working on the business”.

The results? Quickly established, quickly grew, thriving and prospering.

 Repeat the process

What? But you said create a niche! Actually, what’s stopping you having a few niche’s? After all, you learn loads getting an idea off the ground. Sure, might be a different location or service, but why not redeploy what really worked, fine tune what did not and apply it to something else.

Ask Marcus Falay from Fairy Chimney Travels. Turkey Expert? Sure is. Silk Road expert? Soon to become.




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