Massive strikes in Greece disrupt rail, plane and ferries


From Wednesday tens of thousands of Greeks have been on strike, in a joint effort by both public and private unions, it’s understood that half of Greece’s workforce is represented.

While many shops are still open, the strikes in Athens has crippled the nation’s transport systems, with airports, rail systems and ferries all disrupted by the massive protests.

Workers are railing against government action, which is aimed at pulling the country out of recession, claiming that the markets which caused the debt crisis should be the ones funding the recovery.

The Greek Government has looked at a pay-freeze on civil-service wages, called for a new fuel tax, and is looking to close tax loopholes for many professions.

“We will fight to keep the little we have. The government and the EU must understand the crisis must be paid by the rich,” said one union leader to the Wall Street Journal.

At the Athens airport all but emergency flights to and from Greece have been grounded.

Buses, trains and ferry services have all been disrupted as disgruntled travellers and locals alike wait at stations with no transport.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: W.X
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