British Airways reveals Singaporeans’ travel habits

Borough Market

Borough Market

A survey conducted by British Airways on the travel habits of Singaporeans reveals that nearly half of the respondents chose famous foodie attraction Borough Market as the number one “must-visit” shopping destination in London.

Other places to visit for shopping chosen were designer brand outlets (34 per cent), Oxford Street (34 per cent) and Portobello Market (29 per cent).

Oxford Street-01

Oxford Street

British Airways conducted the research across specific countries in Asia Pacific and asked 1,000 Singaporeans to participate. The survey found that Singaporeans are the most travelled (92 per cent) compared with Indians (68 per cent) Chinese (71 per cent) and the Japanese (83 per cent).

The results found that shopping is more important to Singaporean travellers than it is for Chinese and Japanese travellers. When choosing a new destinations to visit, 68 per cent of the people from Singapore chose a place for its shopping areas, followed closely by 67 per cent looking to visit historical landmarks.

Thirty-nine per cent of respondents said that the magical Harry Potter movies inspired them to want to visit the United Kingdom. The favourite European destinations for Singaporeans’ holidays is the chic city of Paris in France (17 per cent), followed closely by the romantic city of Venice in Italy and vibrant city of London, United Kingdom. These results were also mirrored as the top cities to visit for Indians and Chinese travellers.

Thirty-seven per cent would choose to have British actress and model, Emma Watson as a seat companion. Football legend David Beckham came in second-place as Singaporeans’ preferred British celeb seatmate (32 per cent) followed by Grammy-winning singer Adele (22 per cent).

“The results of our survey reveal something we already suspected: Singaporeans are avid travellers who love to shop and explore new destinations,” said Robert Williams, British Airways’ head of Asia Pacific sales.

“The results have proven to be very interesting and useful. We are always looking at ways to ensure that we give our customers the very best experience with British Airways. The findings from this survey help us focus on the areas that are really important to Singaporean travellers.”

Source = British Airways
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