Mexican hotel chain selects eRevMax to improve online sales

2856.JPG.1024x0Grupo Presidente, one of the leading hotel chains in Mexico has selected eRevMax to manage its online distribution through dynamic channel management and price intelligence. Nine properties of the group have been using RateTiger Channel Manager and Shopper to manage and monitor rates and availability across multiple online sales channels from a single platform.

Grupo Presidente operates 9 luxury properties in Mexico of world’s leading hotel brands. RateTiger, providing fully integrated, two-way XML connections to over 200 global and regional travel sites, is helping its properties to improve exposure and expand to new market. The revenue management team is using Channel Manager to update rate and availabilities in real-time across all connected online sales channels, while monitoring competitor rate movements through Shopper.

“Excellent solution, I solved my needs in a timely manner for my 9 hotels and sites that I have hired, the support is very efficient. What I like the most, I can control the tool based on my needs,” said Francisco Barriga, E-Commerce Manager, Grupo Presidente, Mexico.

“Given that Grupo Presidente hotels attract international guests, along with luxury domestic travellers, it is important for the hotel to be present in all global online sales channels and metasearch sites.  Our channel ecosystem has helped the company to reach out to new markets. Backed by the real-time data they can respond to market dynamics more efficiently, and optimize online revenue,” said Stuart Derricott, VP – Sales, eRevMax.

RateTiger Suite is a fully integrated solution to manage third party sales channels, benchmark competitor room rates and automate the connection between hotel inventory system and online distribution channels. Incorporating RateTiger solutions, Grupo Presidente can expand its distribution reach, monitor channel performance and maximize its revenue opportunity.

Source = eRevMax
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