Peter Sommer Travels launches first ever UK Tour: Explore Hadrian’s Wall

Peter Sommer Travels launches first ever UK Tour: Explore Hadrian’s Wall

Peter Sommer Travels launches first ever UK Tour: Explore Hadrian’s Wall

Peter Sommer Travels launches first ever UK Tour: Explore Hadrian’s Wall

In 1994, archaeologist and BBC TV historical documentary-maker Peter Sommer walked 2,000 miles across Turkey, retracing the route of Alexander the Great. Ever since, Peter has been organizing exceptional expert-led archaeological tours for small groups, as well as private charters.

For more than 20 years, Peter Sommer Travels has specialized in archaeological, historic and gastronomic tours of Greece, Turkey and Italy, adding Croatia in 2016. Now they have added the first-ever tour of their UK home base, Exploring Hadrian’s Wall: Romans, Reivers and Romantics, an 8-day exploration of the raw beauty and richly-layered history of this most distinctive English region July 8-14, 2017.

“This is the first of many that will be unveiled over the coming months,” noted company founder Peter Sommer. “Our new tours in the UK are the result of several years of intense work by our dedicated in-house team of archaeologists and historians. Each of the core members of our company studied and trained in the history and archaeology of the ancient world in the British Isles, and many of our first encounters with the ancient world were made here, so we are hugely excited to introduce our guests to the wonderful archaeological and historical sites across these lands, the superb hotels, and the delicious food and drink from award-winning local producers.”

Few areas so large come to be defined by a single work of man, but the Wall Country has had a special character since the Romans first built this great work over field, hill, crag and river nearly two thousand years ago. Today, the region is a warm and welcoming countryside of ever-changing views, from bustling mediaeval market towns, through gentle farmland and craggy rocks strewn with tumbled Roman stones which give way to beautiful views of thick woods and wild loughs. The landscape itself inspires awe and is a character in its own right, drawing people from Romans through Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to mediaeval warlords, sinister Reivers and the Victorian romantics such as Sir Walter Scott and Rudyard Kipling, who fell in love with it and its stories.

With the end of Roman rule after some three hundred years, the ruins of the Wall became the homes of farmers, strongholds of lords, hide-outs of thieves and the building material of churchmen, always remaining a powerful reminder of what had once been.

Oh, and what are Reivers? They were raiders along the Anglo-Scottish border from the late 13th century to the beginning of the 17th century, both Scottish and English, and they raided the entire Border country without regard to their victims’ nationality.

The tour will be led by historian Paul Beston and company founder Peter Sommer himself. Beston, whose interest in history was inspired by finding a musket-ball in Gibraltar as a child, studied Ancient History at King’s College, London; has lectured at King’s and Royal Holloway in London; acted as an historical adviser for TV including HBO’s Fire from Heaven, and is currently teaching Classics in Hertfordshire.

About Peter Sommer Travels

Specializing in small-group expeditions, Peter Sommer Travels offers more than 20 different expert-led land tours and gulet cruises among the ancient sites of Turkey, Greece, Italy, Croatia and Great Britain. Additional Great Britain and Ireland itineraries are soon to be announced.

Other itineraries include gulet cruises along Turkey’s intriguing coastline and Croatia’s beautiful Dalmatia Coast; family tours; gastronomic tours of Turkey; city tours of Athens and Istanbul; cultural walking holidays and tours of destinations like Crete and the Peloponnese.

Peter Sommer Travels also offers bespoke expert-led private gulet charters and land tours, and was named Tour Operator of the Year 2015 by AITO, the Association of Independent Tour Operators.

Every itinerary is hosted by an expert guide. They provide a fascinating insight into ancient lands while guests enjoy the history, culture, magnificent scenery, food and wine of each destination.


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