Entire Travel Connection Launches Barge Specialist Brand


Entire Travel Connection is excited to introduce its newest brand, Barge Travel Connection, specialising in crewed canal cruises in Europe.

Barge Travel Connection comes with its very own website showcasing a variety of charming hotel-barges, themed cruises, must-see European countries and fantastic special offers.

For Managing Director Brad McDonnell, what sets Barge Travel Connection apart is the product itself. “Barge cruising is an incredibly unique and intimate experience to share with friends and family. Accommodating from 4 to 24 clients, barges can be booked by the cabin for a couple or can also be taken for charter. They each have a different style and amenities – take a look at our website for more details.

barge-travel-connection-hirondelle barge-travel-connection-scottish-highlander


Our luxury cruises provide travellers the chance to truly relax aboard an elegant barge as they sip local wines, enjoy high-end cuisine and drop anchor to immerse themselves in rich cultural experiences. It is really the all-inclusive aspect that people are attracted to: accommodation in a lovely cabin, transfers, excursions, high-end food and wine, everything is incorporated in this unique experience,” said Product and Marketing Manager Sophie Meunier.

Barge Travel Connection was first unveiled to the trade at last week’s France Workshop events and received a very warm welcome!

Your chance to win a $100 voucher!
Learn more about our very first Barge Travel Connection trade incentive here.

For full details on all packages, contact Barge Travel Connection on 1300 150 725, email info@bargetravel.com.au or visit www.bargetravel.com.au.

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