A Dutch treat – Amsterdam

A Dutch treat – Amsterdam

A little bit naughty and a little bit nice, welcome to Amsterdam.

One of the most flamboyant, liberal and free-thinking cities in Europe, Amsterdam is a city full of character and imagination.

Van Gogh Museum
Gay Pride Festival
Common mode of transport

This destination offers a little something for everyone and as you venture around the city you will appreciate why Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most sought after destinations.

In the Thirteenth Century Amsterdam was discovered as a small fishing village. By the Seventeenth Century it was noted as the centre for world economy and now days Amsterdam is famous for its tolerant attitude and its vivacious character.

Amsterdam is located in the west of Holland in the North Province and is a stone throw away from a host of European cities.

The City is home to some of the most famous Museums, canals, festivals and Red Light Districts in the world which draws tourists from all over the globe.

The iconic Van Gogh museum houses a large variety of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and other Nineteenth Century artists a must see for all art lovers.

If Art isn’t your scene and you wish to partake in more playful adventures then maybe the Vodka museum may entice you. Home to 112 types of vodka, the tour takes you through the lavish history of vodka.

The Heineken factory, for all those beer lovers explores the success of the world’s largest international beer distributer which is a sought after tourist destination and a must see while visiting Amsterdam.

The Wallen, one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam better known as the Red Light District is hands down the most famous part of Amsterdam. Your visit is not complete without visiting this lively part of town and it definitely leaves nothing to the imagination.

The district plays host to brothels, sex shops and peep shows and as a city encouraging free thinking the notion behind it is people are going to do it anyway so they may as well regulate it and make it safer.

Amsterdam is recognised as the gay capital of Europe and signs of this can be witnessed throughout the city with rainbow flags representing the bars, clubs and restaurants that are gay and lesbian friendly symbolising the open minded nature of people in this city.

From naughty to nice visitors can enjoy the number of canals that make up the city and all the delicacies that come along with them.

Boasting more canals than Venice and a city with a major focus on sustainable tourism, visitors can enjoy a relaxing cruise down the canals on an environmentally friendly canal bike, a riverside lunch at one of the many Al Fresco vegetarian and eco friendly restaurants that line the canals or a traditional bike tour of the city all part of Amsterdam’s mission to be a ‘Green’ destination

The best way to travel around the city is by bike as this is the most popular mode of transport throughout Amsterdam.

You can hire a bike for the day for no more than 8 Euros. Amsterdam cards are also a popular tourist asset used for free entry and major discounts to a number of tourist destinations all over Amsterdam.

The summer months of Amsterdam is a tourists dream come true. Festivals such as the Queens Day Celebration which has the city painted orange and the Gay Pride Festival which sees the city bursting with culture and flavour are among the favourites for tourists.

The canals of Amsterdam come alive during these festivities as the city makes use of its most attractive features.

The mix of culture, art and eco friendly attractions make this city what it is today and will leave you eager to come back for more.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: L.F. Images credit: Amsterdam Tourism
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