Time for a baggage check

Time for a baggage check

“Excuse me….I’d just like to check some of that baggage”

Change is difficult. It’s hard to challenge that which has served us.

But to thrive and prosper, we need to change and evolve. To not change in the information age is to be left behind.  In this context our greatest strengths become our greatest hindrance in moving forward.

We all carry baggage. In this context our baggage is our wisdom, experience and bias that we carry around with us every day that shapes what we do and how we do it.  Think its ok to carry the same baggage, the same assumptions? Safari suits still cool?

Imagine three years ago that the taxi industry would be under siege from a handheld app.  Imagine before 2016 that people would be getting outside and exercising as augmented reality had them chasing around non existent digital creatures.

How about the notion that Australia’s own national carrier would up with an accommodation provider that didn’t actually own any of its assets. How about a decade ago trying to convince travel agents that the biggest competition would not be the red-and-white or the blue store, but an online store.

Trying to tell me the travel industry is not changing?

It moves fast to maximise falling margins and growing technology. If agents are going to thrive and prosper, change needs to become the norm. To paraphrase Meg Salter from Auridian “even if you are on the right path, you can still get run over”. In other words, you need to keep moving.

So we should change.  But change is hard.

Why is change so hard?  We build up all this experience and wisdom and knowledge and its gets us by every day.  It isn’t broke, don’t need to fix it. We develop confirmation bias; we look for information which supports our case.

We don’t try to actively prove ourselves wrong.  But referring to examples of Uber and AirBnB, maybe we should.

Ideas and concepts are like baggage.  We build them and shape them over time and they become comfortable, just like an old pair of jeans. We need to dump some of the old stuff to make room for new outfits.

“Excuse me, I’d just like to check your baggage please sir.”





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