VisitBritain launches BritAgent in Thailand


VisitBritain announces the launch of its highly anticipated e-learning programme, The BritAgent Specialist Programme, in Thailand.

The BritAgent Specialist Programme is designed to provide specialized training to travel agents, working with them to develop their knowledge of Britain’s offerings and equipping them with necessary skills to sell Britain effectively to Thais.

The investment into training and upskilling demonstrates VisitBritain’s commitment to supporting the travel trade in Thailand and reflects the value of the industry to tourism in Britain.

“Travel agents play a crucial role in assisting our visitors to plan and book their Britain holiday. By launching the Britagent Specialist Programme in Thailand, we are able to provide travel agents the necessary tools to offer improved service to our Britain customers, consequently increasing their businesses’ bottomline,” says Sumathi Ramanathan, manager Australasia and SEAsia.

BritAgent is designed to be completed at the participant’s own pace. It is provided free upon registration and is completely accessible online. The BritAgent modules provide agents various facts and figures about Britain, travel tips and advice, as well as techniques to properly market and match destinations according to traveler’s preferences and personalities.

Once they have completed the program, the agent is awarded BritAgent status. Their travel agencies also receive preferred status with VisitBritain.


Source = VisitBritain
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