What can you outsource in your travel Business?

What can you outsource in your travel Business?

What can you outsource to make your travel business more profitable?

Global outsourcing has evolved, disrupting the way we do business forever. You can outsource everything from copywriting to graphic design to animations to business plans to business systems to call centres.

 There are a considerations that explain how outsourcing can  for your travel business:

 You know what you need done but it’s just too expensive

  • You need a once off
  • You could do something yourself, but it takes you away from selling travel
  • You want to punch above your weight

 Can everything be outsourced? With the right process, yes. Shorter term, discrete projects are by far the easiest to manage. They can be easily defined, packaged and delivered.

 We wanted to create a logo for my mum’s hotel. It would go on the front of the hotel, business cards, website and in her mind become the representation of her business.

 Why outsource? The local costs of graphic design were prohibitive. We needed creative input from a lot of different minds early on, tapping into people from other cultures with global experience. We wanted more ideas and to spend a lot less money doing it.

 We discussed colours, inspiration, the aesthetic, appeal. The discussion went back and forth over a few emails until we had it all clear.

 We went to 99designs.com.au . You upload your brief, define the required product and service and decide how much your  prize will be. We released the offer to the design community, priced it to get a good response where 10 finalists would then be offered the chance to submit refined designs. 4 runners up would be paid combined 25% of the available prizemoney and the final 75% went to the winner.

 We received hundreds of initial submissions from about 40 artists worldwide. We then worked with the final ten who submitted a total of approx. 350 designs.

My mum has particularly high expectations…. and she was thrilled. The results were awesome. Approximately AU$1300 plus our time. Great outcome, thousands of dollars saved. Beautiful logo.

 Compare this to getting a large software platform built in India for a fertiliser company that I did in 2009. There was 900 man days of labour, we needed IP, legal and accounting agreements. The specification ran into several hundred pages. It involved me making three trips to India to ensure on-time delivery of a nine-month project.  The client saved over 60%.

My job was project specification and management. Yours is not. You sell travel. So you need to find your level of comfort , start small and work out exactly what you can outsource. Don’t be distracted by building your own website. You are not a pro.

So how do you make it work exactly?

That’s next week.



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