Japan – New for Collette

Japan - New for Collette

Japan – New for Collette

Japan – New for Collette

Collette has released a new explorations tour to Japan with dates from September 2017. The 13-day tour was personally crafted by CEO Dan Sullivan Jnr, and expands the number of Collette tours to 170 to across 56 countries.

Named hotels and superb included experiences plus 23 meals are part of the new ‘Cultural Treasures of Japan’ tour. The Collette Chauffeur is included within 40km of international Australian airports.

“We’re really excited to add Japan to our program. This represents excellent value for money, especially for the date which coincides with the Cherry Blossom bloom in early April 2018. Our explorations program, with an average group size of 18, is increasingly popular in Asia which means that we are guaranteeing more and more dates,” commented Alison Mead, General Manager Collette Australia.

For more information on this tour: call Collette on 1300 792 195 or visit www.gocollette.com

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