Bentours Follow The Lights receives incredible customer feedback


Bentours Follow The Lights receives incredible customer feedback

Bentours small group escorted departure Follow The Lights has received amazing feedback from travellers.

This small group tour is a Bentours original and includes its partner Hurtigruten within the program.

Highlights of the feedback include:

  • Bentours have the best Tour Managers in Scandinavia, they rated in all categories at over 90% satisfaction.
  • The included Husky dog safari is a much-loved excursion (92% satisfaction)
  • 4 out of 5 people would recommend this tour to their friends and family

This 15-day unique tour is designed to give the best opportunity to travellers to see the Northern Lights, including highlights such as a night in a unique glass igloo, husky dog sled rides, the stunning Hurtigruten voyage, a day trip to the medieval town of Tallinn and many more.

Source = Bentours
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