Celebrate the Enduring Legacy of Native American Heritage with Collette

Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota

Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota

Celebrate the Enduring Legacy of Native American Heritage with Collette

Friday 24th November is Native American Heritage Day, a US holiday paying tribute to the cultural heritage and tribal sovereignty of American Indians and Alaskan Natives. On this day, descendants of the Indigenous first Americans are honoured for their globally significant contributions in medicine, agriculture, music and art. Communities and schools across the country partake in activities, programs and ceremonies to celebrate the historical and present-day role of Native Americans and their tribal governments.

Native American Heritage Day falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which commemorates the first meal shared between European settlers and the Native Americans who helped them to survive on their land. It marks a strengthening of the Federal-Tribal relationship between the US Government and Native American governments, and represents an opportunity for everyone to learn about the present-day conditions of Native American people and their traditions, languages and rich cultural legacy. Many Native American and Alaskan Native traditions continue to thrive throughout America, Canada and Alaska, with common examples including weaving, carving and jewellery making.

For those interested in this incredible and enduring culture and its fascinating relationship with the land, Collette offers several tours incorporating authentic Native American experiences. Learn more about this integral and captivating component of America’s history and culture whilst experiencing the wonders of this vast continent.

Collette’s National Parks of America tour showcases the greatest treasures of the country’s West. Travellers will journey through the majestic Bighorn Mountains in Great Sioux Nation territory and dine with a local Lakota Native American, learning first-hand about their rich and unique culture. The National Parks of America tour includes an overnight stay in the heart of Yellowstone National Park, as well as a night inside the Grand Canyon, a truly unique and unforgettable way to experience this spectacular National Historical Landmark. Other highlights include a breakfast cruise across the glassy waters of Lake Powell, and the choice between either a tram ride or a leisurely hike among the magnificent red and white sandstone cliffs of Zion National Park.

On America’s National Parks and Denver tour, travellers enjoy the same highlights as the National Parks of America tour, topped off with a two-night stay in Denver and a visit to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Collette’s Spotlight on South Dakota delves into to the heart of the West, establishing a base in Rapid City. From here, travellers will visit the Badlands National Park and the Black Hills National Forest, home to Mt Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial. The latter is the largest mountain sculpture in the world, and still undergoing construction in dedication to all Native American tribes. Travellers on this tour will also pay a visit to the Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, where they will marvel at the fascinating stories of the Lakota and Sioux.

Another Collette tour celebrating Native American heritage is Canyon Country, a journey across Arizona, Utah and Nevada, and through deserts, canyons and cities. This tour covers the National Parks of Zion, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon, showcasing their spectacular vistas and unique topography. Travellers also journey into Navajo nation territory, where they can choose between a tour of the starkly stunning Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park narrated by a local tribe member, or an adventure cruise through the Navajo and Antelope canyons.

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