Family Travel Trends – Results from Research from Real Insurance

Family travel

Family Travel Trends – Results from Research from Real Insurance

Family Travel Trends – Results from Research from Real Insurance

Research commissioned by insurance company Real Insurance provides travel professional with a valuable profile of the attitudes and behavior of family travelers. The research was undertaken by Core Data and indicated a number of very important findings which are of value to tourism professionals. The research involved questions to 1,000 Australian travellers who had dependent children under the age of 18.

The key findings were:

1. Over 90 % of Australian parents have security concerns when they travel as a family. This impacts on their choices of destination, accommodation and transport. The most prevalent category of security concern is terrorism.

2. Eight out of 10 Australian parents are wiling to spend extra money on safer accommodation when travelling with children. On average they are prepared to spend and extra AUD$630 per year per family on safer accommodation and activities. If this is applied to entire family travel market this represents an extra AUD$4.6 billion.

3. Over 68% of Australian parents are likely to opt for a local (domestic ) holiday option rather than travelling internationally. Of those who do travel internationally with their children the majority tend to opt for destinations relatively close to their home country. Security concerns are cited as the main reasons for these trends.

In short, Australian family travellers tend to be risk averse and it is fair to assume that similar findings would would be reflected globally. Certainly the more adventurous international travelers are either single and young or empty nesters and over 45. Travelling with children and risk minimization seem to go hand in hand.

The research indicates that family holidays are more about building family bonds through shared tourism experiences rather than a particular focus on destinations. Not surprisingly, beach holidays in child friendly destinations with family friendly accommodation facilities is the most popular family holiday option. Family holidays tend to involve lengthy planning and a high level of consideration of what will appeal to all generations involved in a family trip.

The following links provide some useful details of the research:

To view the full report please CLICK HERE

Source = Dr David Beirman Ph.D and Real Insurance

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